• Design, validation via technical tests (FEM 10.02.06 Part1 / ANSI MH26.2 – 2007) and supply of mesh shelves particularized for specific applications (manual and palletized load).
    The main advantages of wire mesh shelves are:

    • High versatility allowing the storage of various types and sizes of pallet and / or manual loading in one cell.
    • Mesh panels with large openings allowing a rapid activation and effective penetration of sprinkler system (fulfilling NFPA and FM Global standards).
    • Quick and easy installation.
    • Easy integration of smoke barriers.estantes-de-malla
  • Design and supply of vertical anti-collapse mesh system for each specific use.
    Anti-collapse mesh is applied to racking systems on the rear side to protect the lower transit zone, preventing accidental fall or entrapment of material. This reduces the risk perimeter within the store and therefore increases usefulness.
    Some other advantages of the anti-collapse mesh system are:

    • Highly versatile modular system adaptable to different needs (dimensions, profiles, settings).
    • Frameless mesh panels, providing the system with great lightness.
    • Quick and easy installation.Malla anticaida
  • Development of designs for machine safety closure systems (CE conformity according to European Directive 2006/42/EC on machinery safety) suitable for the requirements of each manufacturer.
    This system seeks the physical separation of different areas, primarily for machine safety.
    The following advantages can be highlighted as most important of this system:

    • Highly versatile modular system adaptable to different needs (wire mesh modules, blind modules, varying heights, various kinds of doors, accessories, etc…).
    • Quick and easy installation.
    • Easy extensions and modifications.cierres-de-seguridad