• Performance of tests defined and required for different storage systems (EN 15512, FEM 10.2.02, FEM 10.2.06, FEM 10.2.09…) to obtain the characteristic values of the profiles and connections
    • Material test (tensile, bending, chemical)
    • Compression test on uprights (local, distortional, flexural and torsional buckling)
    • Compression test on uprights frames (buckling curves)
    • Upright to beam connection (strength, stiffness, looseness and shear resistance)
    • Bending test on uprights and beams
    • Shear test on uprights frames
    • Upright to base connection (strength, stiffness)
    • Shelf test
    • Full scale prototype test for shelving systems
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  • Processing of approval of test results by DIBt (Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik)Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik
  • Performance of unstandardized tests to evaluate a new system / product (static, dynamic and fatigue).
  • Optimizing designs by testing and generation of loading tables.
  • Elaboration of technical test reports according to testing results.
  • Periodic testing for factory production control (FPC) according to EN 15512.